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Why Not DIPLOMA!!!!!!

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Ever since we start dreaming or planning our career we always use to think about getting a degree on a first place with a good result and of course we try to get it from a better Institute.
But if you make a mess out of your SPM/SSC result and you’re starting to panic, don’t lose hope!
For Malaysian students it requires just 3 credits at SPM or equivalent OR, if you are the international student you just need to pass your SSC. This means you still have a chance to continue your education and go for your dream goal!!!!!!!
Why Diploma

Diplomas can cost less than half or one third of degree price. There are also chances to get scholarship just like the degree course in Universities. For Malaysian students, there are always PTPTN loans as financial aid. Even recently “Study World” is organizing an open day for local students of Malaysia. Here is the link ( ) where 100% scholarship and financial aid is offered and also RM250 rebate for on the spot applying.
Diploma courses are giving you a better chance of being accepted into the course of your choice. This degree can give you the opportunity to learn more practically rather than academic knowledge.
Diploma makes you ready to get job faster and quickly if you want to gain some industrial experience or save up some money before pursuing your Degree. Diplomas can be completed in significantly less time. Most diplomas can be completed within a year Or less than a year. The practical nature of diplomas you will spend the amount of time to learning and completing assignments will be greatly lessened, allowing you to get ready to build your career more practically.
Hope this writing will help you to choose your right qualifications to find your constructive and productive future career and utilize your skills. We welcome you to ask us questions if you have any regarding Diploma or other courses.

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