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Why do students need translation services in Malaysia?

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Malaysia is a multicultural country, which includes Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences. English is widely spoken in country but the official language is called Bahasa Melayu or Malay in short.

Learning or speaking Malay for students is not compulsory. Although mostly all international students encounter English lectures and study as per their syllabus, there are many colleges and universities offers free Malay Languages classes. Study World Agency always recommend students to take this opportunity to learn Malay language while in Malaysia.

All colleges and universities accept your documents in English language. If your education documents are not English, then you must get a certified translation of these documents from an authorized translation company in your home country. You may also get your documents translated in Malaysia as well.

Certified Translation

A certified translation is a document translated by an authorized translator or translation agency along with their sign and stamp. This type of document translation are mostly required by all government departments, courts, and embassies, educational and official entities. A certified translator or translation agency held accountable for any mistranslated documents or fake information processing.

Driving License Translation

All the international students who hold an international diving license in their home country are eligible to drive in Malaysia. If you are looking to get a Malaysian driving license then you need your home country driving license to be translated in Malay language which will help you in reduction of driving classes and time to get the license.

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